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Welcome to PT. Yoshi Utama Group

Manufacture's Representative, soleagent, export & import
Yarn, Textile, Garments, General TRD. Co.

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In A Brief...

PT. Yoshi Utama is an Indonesian origin company, has been established in Jakarta, Indonesia... Doing the import & export, mainly textiles, yarn & garments.
PT. Yoshi Utama Co. Ltd. is the representative office / sister company for PT. Yoshi Utama... Handeing the business & supplying the sister company, as well as all over the world.
Our Group's main market is Asia, Middle east & North Africa... Besides, you may find our products in South African countries, East Europe as well.

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Our Brands...



For some kinds of fabrics.



For Yarn.



For some of TR & Spun Polyester fabrics.


Aysha Fashion

For some kind of garments (Indonesian local market)

Sample of our Products