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Since there are so many products, & wide range of the productions, so will be divided into categories:


Gents Fabrics: T/R, T/C, Denim (Jeans), Polyester (Spun & filament base), ... , Etc.
Ladies Fabrics: Pure Silk, Spun Rayun, Cotton, Polyester (Spun & filament base), Jet Black items, ... , Etc.
* Our most strong item is the Embroidered items (Embroidery), as we are doing a lot of it with huge range of the designs, whither our designs or as per the clients own requirements.


Polyester Yarn: For weaving, sewing & embroidery.
Viscose Yarn: For weaving & embroidery.
T/R Yarn: For weaving.
Cotton Yarn: For weaving.
Linen & L/R: For Weaving.


Arabic Robes (Thoub) for men.
Muslim wear for ladies (Abaya).


Due to the clients demand & since we are very strong with the embroidery items among the companies, a special department for the curtain been found, with special showroom & managed be high skilled crew. This line has a wide range of items, such as:
Polyester (Foil / Chiffon) with embroidery.
Linen with embroidery.

Non - Textiles Related:

The GENERAL TRADING DEPARTMENT is handling the business of the items which are not related to any of the above, such as:
Textiles & Embroidery Machinery / Machines.
Production Lines & Factories (metals, gases, building materials, ... , Etc).
Some automobiles spare parts.
Medicines (Capsules, Injections & Vials).
Medical Equipments & Devices (Infusion sets, Gauze, Syringes, ... , Etc).
Kitchen ware (Porcelain & Glasses).
& Much more...